Friday, 29 March 2013

Harvest time baby!

Tonight for dinner we were lucky enough to have a lot of stuff that was ready in the front raised gardens to be eaten! We had fresh local gold band snapper with a side of fresh grown rainbow chard sauteed with garlic, lemon and chilli. A fresh salad of lettuce, radish and tomato (the tomato sadly wasn't grown but everything else was). We also cracked our first gluten free cider that we brewed a few weeks back and so far it's tasting nice! Needs a bit more brewing, but so far it's tasting good! All in all it was a very tasty dinner!! 
Pictures, enjoy. :)  
The haul!

radish and chard on the left, lettuce on the right

radishes! They turned out really big and in really pretty colours!


Home grown salad

Dave enjoying his rainbow chard :)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Update as Promised

Sorry about being a little slack on the blog updating lately. Going back to uni lately has taken up a large chunk of my time which leaves me little time for things like blogging and general fun stuff. But, I figured it was about time to put a quick little update about what's been happening around here.

Most notably is the fact that we finished irrigating all the beds, including around the pond and the herb spiral which means I don't have to go out there every single day and water everything which is nice, as I can spend that amount of time doing other garden tasks like fertilizing, weeding and replanting of seedlings that got killed off by the heat.

Yesterday Transition Town Guildford held a very successful event, a bicycle treasure hunt through Guildford. Teams of both adults and families gathered to receive their clue sheets, and then headed off to search out the answers found in and around Guildford and make it back within an hour. The more questions biked to and answered the more chance to win some of the $500 worth of prizes we had on offer! We had a first place prize for families, adults, and a best dressed bike. We had a great turnout of nearly 50 people and everyone had a great morning biking around searching out clues! Best dressed bike went to a family who all dressed up as pirates and even decorated their bikes into pirate ships. Great effort!

Ok, on to the pictures! Enjoy :)
The uploader thing only seems to let me upload these two for now for some reason, more to come once it settles down.

L to R: Kohlrabi, Broccolini, Radish, Kale
Eggplant, Chillis, Peas