Sunday, 27 October 2013

Garden update

Chatting to my folks last night brought up the topic of what was growing around my place at the moment, specifically my onions and garlic and a strange puckering on a few of my peach leaves. My onions don't seem to be bulbing out at the bottom just yet, maybe they need more time in the ground, and my garlic have yet to form it's scapes, so here are the photos I promised, plus one of our Thanksgiving dinner we had here a couple weeks ago. :)

Thanksgiving dinner Aussie style. Burnt ham and roast chook!

Peach tree #1

Puckered leaf on peach tree


Apple blossoms

Dog house I intend to transform into a chicken coop.

Allum bed - Onions and garlic

Close up of one garlic plant. No scapes?

CLose up of base of onions. Fat but not bulby.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Front Yard Finishing Touches

Yesterday Dave and I finally got round to finishing off the front yard with the jarrah sawdust we put around all the other beds and lined it all with weed mat. We also got two native fish for our pond to help keep down mosquito larvae and hopefully reduce mosquito numbers around our place.
After what seemed like hours of reweeding the area we needed to put weedmat down on the rest went fairly quickly. It was a lovely day for it, not too hot and not too cold, and now the front yard looks great! Now just to save up for our white picket fence!
We took some photos along the way, enjoy!
Weed mat laid down all along the areas about to be covered

Dave hard ar work shoveling the sawdust

Herb sprial crazyness. The nasturtium has gone viral and now trails all the way up and over the back fence

The pond with our two new residents. Impossible to see through the pond plants.

All finished!

Looking like the hippie I am. :)