Monday, 4 February 2013

Final Front Garden Bed

Last weekend Dave and I put together the final raised bed for the front yard, and this weekend will be the leveling and filling. After this last bed is in then it's onto irrigation and laying down the pebbles in between the raised beds, then the picket fence and the front yard will be all done! Yay!
Once the front yard is all finished I'll have some more time to work on my back garden beds and fruit trees, and also to work on other things like canning, cheese making and fun stuff like that!
But for now here's some photos of the building and placement of the newest bed.

Herb spiral growing steadily

Top to bottom: Lettuce, tomatoes, chives, parsley & coriander

Top to bottom: Fennel, carrots, parsnip, beetroot & rainbow chard

Top to bottom: Kohl rabi, cabbage, broccolini, radish, kale

Peas, beans & hot peppers

Newest garden bed placed but not yet leveled or filled