Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New House!

So we bought a house, yay! Now comes the fun part where I can start making it fit our needs. My plan is to get as much sustainability on our block as possible, and I've started the process by ripping out some old bushes that were lining our back fence line to make room for some fruit trees I bought at a local nursery. I got a dwarf apricot tree, dwarf fuji apple tree, dwarf sundowner apple tree, and a miniature sweet cherry tree. (I'm very excited about my cherry tree, as it's a new self pollinating variety and apparently much easier to grow than older varieties that were supposedly very hard to grow and fruit.) These get added to my growing collection of fruit plants which now include all the above plus my kaffir lime tree, two blueberry bushes, raspberry and blackberry bushes, cameron apple tree, navel orange tree, miniature lots'o'lemons bush, and already established lemon and olive trees that came with the house.

Back fench after ripping out old bush

L to R - Fig tree, navel orange tree, dwarf apricot tree

Established lemon tree that came with the house

Sally inspecting my handywork

Olive tree
Lemons that are ready for picking!

Ripe olives!

Planted navel orange tree

Lots'o'lemon bush

My helper extraordinaire!